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Tooth Whitening System Comparison

Whitening teeth using peroxide bleaching compounds has become an extremely popular procedure, both with dental patients and dentists alike. While there are many variations on this whitening technique, two of the broadest categories encompassed are professional teeth whitening treatments and at home teeth whitening systems. While both of these teeth bleaching approaches can offer similar whitening results there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to each of them.

Reviews agree that professional tooth-whitening treatments are, by far, the quickest and most successful way to brighten teeth. Over-the-counter whitening systems are much cheaper, but not nearly as effective or long lasting as professional tooth-whitening.

Most at-home kits rely on trays or stick-on strips. The GoSmile system consists of individual tubes of gel (with 6% peroxide) that come with a small brush. Experts agree that some tooth-whitening products can produce dramatic results. The vast majority agree that in-office teeth-whitening by your dentist works best, but opinions vary widely on whether over-the-counter strips, pastes, chewing gum, trays and paint-on liquids really work. Baby boomers have become a huge market for teeth-whiteners because teeth yellow naturally with age. The effect can be exacerbated by smoking, as well as by drinking coffee, tea and red wine. The most effective teeth-whitening agents use peroxide (hydrogen or carbamide) to bleach the deep layers of teeth where toothpaste can't reach.

Systems Comparison for Tooth Whitening

Rapid White tooth Whitening System After feeling like having been pregnant for ages and generally not feeling like myself, I took a step back and realised how I am going to look in all these photographs that are to be taken at the birth of my son! Not only will I look tired out but my hair will be a state, my eyebrows over grown and my teeth a creamier shade than is necessarily flattering.

Systems of Teeth Whitening

A teeth whitening system can either employ a low concentration whitener for an extended period of time or else a higher concentration whitener for a comparatively shorter period of time.

I looked at a few different sites that sell similar teeth whitening products, Brilliant Smiles had the clearest and most professional site which gave me a level of trust that the other sites didn't provide. I called up their number and ordered over the phone. The teeth whitening kit turned up within days.


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