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Tooth Whitening Refill Gel

Tooth whitening is highly effevtive for lightening you teeth and give them natural color without removing any surface of the teeth. It does not completely change but it will change the existing shade. The main agent in the gel is hydrogen peroxide which can be applied by light or laser. We can use these whitening gel products without help of dentist. Tooth whitening gel is effective for removing coffee, tea and tobacco stains. We can achieve faster results by using higher quantity of gel.Tooth Whitening Gel is the important factor. Gel is assured by Americal Dental association. Best tooth whitening product gives best result in short period of time.It is best to take advice of the dentist so that he will suggest the best product to us.

The Most Powerful 35% Carbamide Peroxide Refill Gel in a high-viscosity gel. this gives you highest power with low sensitivity. oversized pre-filled syringes (5ml each) contain more whitening gel than most others and will provide ten (10) whitening applications. White radiance whitening refill gel is good for upto 10 dental whitening treatment. This formula contains 22% carbamide peroxide and effective tooth whitener. Pristine whitener gel refill flavored with Natural orange oil. It has low cost and highly effective. It is made fresh daily with 2 year shelf life. No additives and fillers are used. Colgate is effective and affordable tooth whitening gel. It is safe for tooth enamel. Once applied its invisible. Whitelight uses light technology for whitening your teeth fast. This refill pack includes 10 individual tubes of whitening gel. Get a brighter smile with this revolutionary Light Activated Ionic System. It is painless and fast. It brightens your both front and back teeth.

Tooth whitening gel is a harmless substance made from active ingredients. People with sensitive teeth should choose 11% Carbamide Peroxide tooth whitening gel and with less sensitive teeth can choose our 20% Carbamide Peroxide strong tooth whitening gel. gel will give you a healthy bright smile with out the inconvenience of numerous costly dental visits. It makes possible to whiten your teeth upto 5 to 10 shade whiten.


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