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Tooth Whitening Home Remedy

At-Home Tooth Whitening System is very common and successful. One of the ways is to go for a tooth whitening paste for home tooth whitening system. Customers opinion is that "Home teeth whitening kits are effective and whiten teeth at less cost than dentists." Home tooth whitening system does not give you immediate result. There are lot of natural teeth whitening tricks and most of them are proven to be very affective at home teeth whitening methods. Tooth Whitening Gel is the important factor. There are number of reasons for whitening your teeth. Many people prefer to clean their teeth once a day and regular cleaning from their dentist. Whitening toothpastes has very marginal results.

Teeth whitening is the process of whitening the color of teeth. The mineral fluoride makes the yellowish color of teeth. Strawberries are famous as natural teeth whitener. It will removes all stain. The effective hone remedy is brushing teeth regularly with apple cider vinegar. for preventing teeth discoloration brush it after every meal. The ‘at home’ teeth whitening technique is also a popular bleaching procedure to whiten your teeth. Home teeth whitening products are the solution for those who hate going to the dentist's office. Good advantages of the home teeth whitening is they do not have any side effects and other is they are very cheap.

Following are some of home remedies :

  1. Make a paste of one teaspoon of lemon juice and one tsp of salt. Apply this on your yellowish tint.
  2. Inner white part if orange peel will help you for giving a lovely shine to your teeth.
  3. Paste of bi-carbonate soda with water will effectively rub your teeth.
  4. Excellent and effective whitener is Dried & powdered Bay leaves combined with dried orange peels Brush your teeth at least twice daily.
  5. After every meal, rinse the food from your teeth. Mouthwashes will reduce stain-catching plaque,
  6. Rub your teeth with the mixture of ground charcoal sugar and salt, honey.
  7. The bark of walnut tree is effective for brightening the teeth. Rub it on your teeth.
  8. After brushing your teeth gargle with some fruit grade hydrogen peroxide and rinse with water.
  9. Brush your teeth with hard wood ash. It has potassium hydroxide which helps for whitening the teeth.
  10. Mash fresh strawberries on your teeth for whitening your teeth.
  11. Rub fresh sage leaves daily on your teeth. On aluminum foil spread a paste made from toothpaste and baking soda and cover the teeth with the aluminum foil. Leave it for an hour and brush the teeth afterwards.
  12. Liberal quantities of gooseberry (am la) and onions in your diet will help for preventing tooth decay.


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