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Eczema ia an inflammatory skin disorder in which the cuticle is fissured with a sticky, watery discharge. There is itching and pain over the affected area.

Cause of eczema

The infection is generally caused by the reaction of medicines and cosmetics.

Eczema Remedies and Treatments

The following remedies are suggested to cure eczema:

. Mix 'Babchi' powder with mustard oil and apply on the affected skin like an ointment.

. A naturopathic remedy is to rub the affected part vigorously before bathing.

. An intake of 3 to 4 liters of fluid daily flushes the system of the infection. Take maximum fruits and vegetables.

. Oxide of zinc ointment diluted with sweet almond oil should be applied daily. Better consult a doctor.

Eczema Types - Eczema occurs in several forms:

. Eczema of the scalp is common in children. The scales or crusts must be softened with applications of fresh lard or oil. Tie a handkerchief or a closefitting cap on the head for a few hours, then after the crusts are removed with a coarse comb, the head may be cleansed with a mild, warm solution of borax. After drying the surface, some simple oil or fat may be applied. This application should be repeated twice daily.

. Eczema of the face is common among children. Protect the affected surface with an ointment as per doctor's advice. When reaction is severe, the wearing of a linen or cotton mask may be necessary. If the ears are affected, the mask should cover them, and sterilize the surface of the ears with a solution of peroxide of hydrogen. If the eyelids are affected, special care should be taken in removing and softening the crusts with a bland oil followed by a light application of benzoated lard after consultation with a doctor. If the nostrils are affected, boric acid may be applied. When the lips are affected, a tendency to crack may be averted by frequent application of a bland oil, cold cream or equal parts of benzoin, alcohol and glycerin.

. Eczema of the male genitals is most often seen in the chronic form. Careful cleansing, the application of hygroscopic powder and use of suspensory bandage are to be employed. The inflammation of the penis is usually milder than of the scrotum. In acute forms, rest in the bed and application of hot boric acid water (as hot as it can be borne) for 60 to 90 seconds, followed by boric ointment is necessary.

. Eczema of nipples and breasts occur usually in nursing women. The lactating mothers must not employ treatment of poisonous applications between the periods. However, a mild soothing lotion or ointment may be applied.

. Eczema of the anus may be treated with carbolic, calamine or hydrocyanic solution.

. Eczema of the palms and soles differs from other parts of the body due to the thickness of the skin on these surfaces and their constant exposure to pressure and friction. The fissures may be treated in the same manner as fissures of the rectum. It is advisable to consult a doctor for treatment.

. The eczema of nails needs only a protective application.

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