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Acrochordons - Symptoms & Treatment

Acrochordons or fibrous polyp as they scintifically known, acrochordon, soft papilloma, or Skin tags is a very comman skin condition in which the skin grows in some people on the face, neck, armpits, and the groin. The medical name is acrochordons.

Usually small, lesions can extend more than 1 cm from the surface and are asymptomatic unless traumatized. Skin tags develop in both men and women as they grow older. They are harmless and do not become cancerous or malignant. Acrochordons may be associated seborrheic keratoses.

Symptoms of Acrochordons

Some of the common symptoms of acrochordons are - Skin growth, Located on the neck, armpits, trunk, body folds, or other areas, Usually skin-colored, occasionally darker, Usually very small, but sometimes half an inch long, May have a narrow stalk.

Acrochordons are not dangerous in most many cases and symptoms are light and usually not troublesome.

Causes of of Acrochordons

Acrochordons rarely cause problems to the sufferers and are normally only removed when it interferes with the patient's lifestyle in some way. Acrochordons are very few cases where complications occur when dealing with acrochordons. Occasionally an infection will present after the removal but this is a very rare happening.

The causes of Acrochordons is basically not known. The tendency to develop skin tags is inherited. The precise cause is unknown. It is more than basically common in overweight individuals. Although acrochordons are usually not associated with any systemic abnormality, they can proliferate in pregnancy and in patients with benign or malignant acanthosis nigricans. Diagnosis is based primarily on the appearance of the skin growth.

Home Treatment and other treatment options for Acrochordons

The Treatment of the Acrochordons are below listed.

  • New skin tags may form even if all existing tags are removed.
  • Some lesions drop off spontaneously, often after minor trauma. Such lesions can be tender.
  • Larger lesions can be surgically removed.
  • Small acrochordons respond well to electrofulguration.
  • If skin tags become sore from rubbing clothing or jewelry or if you find them unsightly, they can be removed surgically. Healing is usually complete in a week or two.
  • Skin tags do not need treatment.
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