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Skin Care Equipment kit

Creating perfect skin takes the right products - here's what you'll need.

Glycerine soaps and cleansing bars
Normal soap is too harsh for delicate facial skin, but bars that contain moisturizing ingredients are a great compromise for those who like the feel of soap and water.

Cream cleansers
Milky or creamy cleansers moisturize while they cleanse. For the best results apply them with your fingers, let them soak in and then remove them with cotton wool or tissues.

Foaming cleansers

For skins that need deeper cleansing or to remove thick sunscreens in summer, you can't beat foaming cleansers that you lather onto your skin and then rinse off with water.

Cleansing wipes

Wipes are perfect for women in a hurry or those who like low-maintenance skincare. Choose ones that are adapted for your skin type.

Make-up removers

Eye make-up needs special solvents to Dissolve it fully, which makes a separate eye make-up remover essential.

Skincare Equipment Kit
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