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Face packs or masks

Face packs or masks are essential to supplement the cleaning process of skin care. They help to stimulate the blood circulation, tone the muscles and maintain the elasticity of the skin. They help to eliminate the dirt and grime from the pores in the skin

The skin will tighten in half an hour and one will feel fresh and younger. All beauty treatments like steaming, cleansing, massaging, toning and firming, scrubbing, etc. are geared towards improving the texture of skin, making it look cleaner, more translucent and youthful. They are helpful in deep cleansing of the skin and remove impurities and dead skin cells. They keep the pores free of clogged grease, and hence prevent skin problems. If dead cells are removed from outer layer, skin allows better absorption of product applied on it. Also, moisturization becomes much more effective.

The face masks help in cell renewal improvement, and causes an expansion of the blood vessels in the inner layers of the skin. This keeps the skin glowing, refreshed and healthy. The mask must be chosen that is suitable to the skin. It is advisable to use homemade face packs.

How to apply face packs?

Use your fingertips to spread the pack gently over the face. It should not be applied around the eyes and mouth, thus leaving three circles on the face. You can put the cotton pads soaked on cucumber / potato juice to provide relief to your eyes. It will be good if you can lie down while the face pack dries because like this, the skin will not be stretched which is being treated right then.

There is no harm in changing from one face pack to other according to which pack suits your skin and also depending on its availability.

Face srcubs

Face packs which have the quality of rubbing or scrubbing the skin are called face scrubs. By scrubbing they bring the blood to surface of skin, remove dead cells, smooth and clean the skin. Face scrub is very good for spotty and sluggish looking skin. While using, face scrub should be spreaded over the face with fingertips. When it is slightly dry, remove it by scrubbing. Then wash it off with lukewarm water.

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