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Smoky Eyes - Best Smoky Eyes Look Tips, How to Get Smoky eyes Look

The main art of makeup depends mainly on eyes make-up (the smoky eyes). Eeverybody has beautiful eyes in a unique way. But the only think is that how you show up. The right makeup can help you appear eyes look bigger, smoky eyes look and more expressive.  The right makeup can help you appear them look bigger and more expressive. These are the basic steps for the smoky eye look.

How to Get Smoky Eyes Looks?

We have written down the basic steps for the looks of a Smoky eyes. Follow these steps for that look which you desire to get:

Step-by-step instructions to get smoky cat eyes:

  1. Apply your foundation, under eye concealer and powder.
  2. Eyeliner Tips for Smoky Eyes: Using your black eyeliner pencil, start from the front corner of your eyelid. Draw a soft smudge line to the end of your lash line.
  3. Apply the eyeliner on about 3/4 or 1/2 of the lower eyelid. If you apply it on the whole eye, your eyes may look smaller. With a brush or a sponge, you can lightly diffuse the eyeliner to create a more smoky eyes look and more natural effect.
  4. Eyeshadow Tips for Smoky Eyes: Use your eyeshadow brush to apply the dark eye shadow over the top of the smudged line for a soft smoky look. Ensure that the edges are neatly blended.
  5. Then take the brush eyeliner and apply as close to your lashes as you can on the top lid only. Make the line as thick and pronounced as you wish, but make sure that the line is thickest at the outer corner, and thinner as you go inward.
  6. Apply another smoky coat of eye shadow with the brush to blend the harsh edges.
  7. Subtly blend your darker eye shadow up from your lashes to your eye crease. Then apply a shimmery highlight in white or cream under the outside corner of your eyebrow.

Eyebrow Tips for Smoky Eyes: Use your eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrow curve more pronounced.

Eyelashes Tips for Smoky Eyes: Curl your eyelashes, then apply thin coats of mascara, building the layers up gradually to avoid clumping.

How to get that Not Too Smoky Eyes:

With a WET smudge liner brush, dip in the shadow and line all the way across the lid. The brush gives a thicker line and helps with the drama. Under eye, do the same thing on the outer 1/3 of eye.

Using your finger or a dried brush, apply/smudge the same shade of shadow on the outer half of eyelid from your just applied liner to the crease. Do not apply to brow bone.

Apply mascara - Optional: Apply your eyeshadow with your finger or a brush to the inner half of your lid and on brow bone.

Some tips on smoky eye look

  • For beautiful lashes, use an eyelash curler to curl them upwards and open your eyes. Hold your lashes gently with the curler for at least 30 seconds, and then apply mascara immediately. 
  • Apply the eyeliner (eye pencil) on most of the upper eyelid. If your eyes are small, avoid applying very close to the inner end next to the nose.
  • Apply the lighter shadow over the entire eyeball and the area between the eye and eyebrow.
  • Curve your lashes. Be careful not to pull the skin, but keep the curler pressed for an instant and repeat three times in each eye
  • If you don't have a stark black eye shadow, you could outline your eyes with a black pencil. 

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