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Prom Makeup Tips and Idea

The Prom night as usual has been the most fashionable and glittered night throughtout the year. A natural makeup looks great with a classic or trendy Prom dress. Trying out a celebrity's look is a great idea for prom because changes are a professional makeup artist perfected the look just so you can copy it. Plus, many magazines name the products used on the celebrity so you can even use the exact makeup your fave celeb used.

Excellent Prom make up ideas

  1. Skip applying foundation makeup for a prom party. Stick to a concealer that perfectly matches your face & apply a light powder over it. Powder is great for calming down a shiny forehead.
  2. Use a lash primer before putting on lash color. Brush on an apricot blush. Lastly, use a shimmery pink on lips.
  3. Put a wash of pink on cheeks, blending blush from the apples to your temples.
  4. For eyes, use a soft rose shadow from lashes to browbone, add brown shadow at the crease, then blend.
  5. Skip eyeliner. Instead try white pencil along the rim of your lower lashes. Put on loads of mascara, then separate lashes.
  6. You can add many accessories to your hair and your outfit and dress up your entire ensemble. A brooch on a plain evening gown and a clutch bag will look infinitely high end.
  7. On lips, pucker up to warm pink.
  8. Follow some of the tips and look best and pretty on the prom party.



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