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Makeup Tricks and Makeup Tips for Applying best Make-up

Who in this world do not want to look beautiful and we all can look beautiful. A few simple tips will help you change your looks and your lives - but remember you can be nothing without confidence - and yes, it is all about inner beauty at the end of the day. Make-up has the power to put you in the mood for whatever lies ahead. It can help make you the person you want to be and put you more at ease and pleased with yourself.

Makeup Tricks and Makeup Tips for Applying best Make-up

Blushing Tricks

When applying blush, make sure your application gets started in the right place. Start blush under the pupil of the eye and blend back along the top of the cheekbones towards the top of the ear. This keeps blush in the most natural position.

Eye Shadow Magic

To create the new round eye, apply a soft, neutral brown across the eyelid and slightly above the crease, creating a round shape. Blend, going upwards towards the eyebrow ...Apply the same color shadow underneath the bottom lashes. Know the right way of applying eyeshadow.

A new way to keep eyeliner lasting all day? With your eyeliner brush, apply waterproof mascara along the top lashes with a eyeliner brush. ..apply a sharp line for a liquid eyeliner look.
or, if you want a softer look, then take a darker eye shadow and blend into the mascara after it has dried. Blend upwards for a smudged, smoky effect.

Lip Tricks

Start by applying a light coating of a waxy lip-balm to provide a smooth texture. Now use a lip-pencil, one shade deeper than your natural lip-color, to line the outer border. Round the points at the bow area of your lips using short light strokes. Next brush on a shimmering color or gloss in the same shade, bringing the color just short of the border. more..

Mascara Tricks

To create fuller lashes, first apply a light brush of loose powder on clean lashes with an eye shadow brush..then apply a coat of mascara, and if needed, repeat the loose powder and another coat of mascara. more..

Applying Foundation

To achieve perfect precision one must blend well. Use an oil-free foundation, starting at the center of your face, blend it carefully with a slightly damp sponge all over the face, especially the chin, around the nostrils and under the jaw-line. more..



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