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Make up Box: Basic Makeup tools in your Makeup Box

Basic tools in your Makeup box

Makeup is an art and which can be learnt and followed as a full blown hobby. The things you need for having this wonderful hobby is a Makeup box - a fully equiped kit for easy makeup application. Do you need special make-up applicators or can you simply use your fingers? Your fingers or even cotton swabs will works - but in most cases, makeup-up goes on more precisely, more smoothly and blends better when you are using good make-up tools. Notice I said "good" make-up tools. Cheaply made, clumsily designed tools actually do more harm than good to your final look, so if you are going to buy make-up tools, be prepared to invest.

For a glossy and wonderful looks, you need the right tools in your makeup box. This means investing in a set of good brushes and applicators. Here's the ingredients of your basic cosmetic tool kit.

  1. Fine lip brush
  2. Powder Brush
  3. Eyeshadow Brush
  4. Cotton wool
  5. Make-up Sponge
  6. Make-up brushes
  7. Powder puff
  8. Eyelash curlers
  9. Lash and brow comb
  10. Mascara
  11. Eyebrow Tweezers
  12. Lipsticks
  13. Pencil sharpener



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