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Lip Care: How to apply Lipstick?

Beauty of Lips

Every beauty-conscious female looking for a career must be aware of make-up techniques, which should be commensurate with the shape of her face, curve of lips, complexion and her clothes. She must take into consideration age, color of hair and facial features.

Carelessness can mar the looks. Lipstick is considered a morale booster, and is essentially helpful in giving her self-respect and self-confidence.

Corrective Make-up for Lips

1. Thin lips: Increase size of upper and lower lips with a gentle curving line.

2. Thin lower lip : Extend curve of lower lip to balance.

3. Thin upper lip : Build up curve of upper lip to balance.

4. Thick lips: Draw the outer line a little way inside the natural contours of the mouth. Use a darker shade in the centre, a slightly lighter one outside to make the mouth look smaller.

5. Droopy lips: Make the lip line tilt upwards at the corner of the mouth. Smiling is a good natural treatment.

6. Uneven lips: In this case one side of the lip may be shaped quite different from the other. Observe your mouth closely and try to correct faults before mirror.

7. Large full lips : Keep lipstick coloring inside the lipline. Keep corners very sharp and clean cut.

8. Small mouth: Build outside of the upper and lower lips and extend corners of the mouth.

9. Oval mouth: Color the centre of the upper lips into a slight cupid bow.

10. Bluish lips: If the lips are dark, a yellow tinted lipstick worn under a normal color will help. But beware of bluish, red, hot pink and mauve shades.

11. Dry, cracked and sore lips: These can sometimes be aggravated or even caused by the perfumes in lipstick. Look for hypo-allergenic brands containing no perfume.

12. Stained lips: Lipstick which turns darker after being worn for some time or leaves an ugly stain on the lips are those containing a chemical fixative. It gives lipstick its lasting power. If you have lips which tend to look stained dry and cracked, then choose a greasy formulae lipstick without eosin (a chemical used in lipstick). This will need reapplication frequently, but the color will remain true.


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