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Bridal Make up Artist - Indian Bridal Makeup

Bridal Make up

Everygirl has a big day, the day when she becomes the queen, the bride of the princess of her husband. To be the bride it's every little girl's dream,and then it's a reality. Your Wedding Day is the day is the day you will always remember.

Beauty is about more than just the way you look. It's about how you feel. I take time to assess  your individual beauty  needs, choose the perfect color makeup for  your beautiful look and comfortable feeling.

Similar to other professions, makeup artists specialize within their discipline. The various specialties within professional makeup include fashion, theatrical, film and special effects, and paramedical. Brides should look for a makeup artist who is licensed and trained in the art and craft of photography makeup.

T o understand why makeup requires different skills, it is important to consider how lasting images are created on different media. The image, seen by the naked eye, impacts on the retina and is transmitted to the brain. To develop a photograph, the image is transferred to film where it is created chemically, whereas videos record images electronically on magnetic tape. The trained makeup artist understands these differences and uses the tools of their trade accordingly to compensate for these differences.

The Solution Very few people, except professional models, are blessed with bone structure which creates natural planes on the face. As the camera flattens the face even more, the professional makeup artist, through the skillful use of highlighting, contouring and placement of color, creates the illusion of definitive bone structure. The makeup artist strives to create large, upturned eyes, high cheekbones, a strong jaw line and a symmetrical mouth.

The Camera's Distortions Because the camera only records a two-dimensional, flat image whereas the naked eye sees a three-dimensional image, it exaggerates facial flaws: a wide, full face appears wider, close-set or deep-set eyes photograph closer-set or deeper-set, and sometimes these types of eyes can photograph very small when a person smiles.

The Effects of Lighting and Makeup Solutions

This is an important element that makeup artists consider when applying wedding day makeup. Wedding photography takes place in three types of lighting:

  • Natural light -- outdoor light produced by the sun, which is the harshest, purest light. Makeup must be very soft and in neutral shades to look natural. Dark or bright colors will look harsh and aging.
  • Fluorescent light -- these lights are found in department stores and homes. To counter the green tones this cool white light casts, warmth must be added to the face through the shades of makeup chosen.
  • Incandescent light -- lighting found in some restaurants and hotel ballrooms. This lighting casts red undertones. Because this light is dimmer, softer, and rosier, makeup must be applied stronger and in more intense, richer hues to show up.

Color Photography Makeup tips

Color film translates color differently. The camera is most sensitive to red and blues (the opposite ends of the color spectrum). Any feature or discoloration containing red will appear darker on film than to the naked eye. The camera emphasizes red blotches in an uneven skin tone or makes ruddy complexions even redder. Dark under-eye circles photograph even more pronounced.

The Solution Makeup artists and photographers advise that brides wear concealer and foundation to tone down irregularities in skin pigmentation. An opaque, lightweight base uniformly blended creates flawless looking skin in photographs and videos. Powder is also an important cosmetic on the wedding day as it sets the foundation. Sweat and perspiration will catch the flash and translate into a blank, white spot.

Black and White Photography Makeup In black and white photography, the camera records color only within the extremes of white to black and a spectrum of various shades of gray.

The Solution It is especially important in this type of photography to consider the intensity and shades of colors when emphasizing a feature or downplaying it. For example, a deep blue-red lipstick will photograph nearly black, while a brown-pink lipstick will photograph a neutral or medium gray. The techniques of contouring and highlighting also vary from color photography. In black and white photography makeup, the professional makeup artist uses darker shades to contour and create more defined contrasts in the face.

The Final Result: Camera-Ready Wedding Parties Brides should consider engaging a professional makeup artist trained in the specialized craft of photography and film makeup to insure they will be camera-ready; that is, the makeup artist has used the appropriate techniques for their unique features and wedding setting. Being camera-ready will produce infinitely more flattering and natural-looking photographic results, akin to the way the eye sees the face!

Tips For Bridal Make up

1. The Bridal make up have to be in bright contrast shades or bright mac thing shades for shading and highlighting facial contours due to the draining effect of artificial lighting.

2. Foundation must be applied over the face, neck, eyes, ears and even on the lips to reflect an even look.

3. Under eye dark circles and spots can be covered completely with the help of a skillful use of erase foundation. A lighter shade of foundation should be appiled in a thin coat. let it dry for a few minutes and then once again apply the foundation of the skin co lour on the whole face to give a smooth and even look.


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