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Eyeshadow Color - How to Choose an Eye Shadow Color

Eyeshadow colors should be neutral or pale shades ranging from pale beige to pink to tan, brown, dark brown, and plums. Eyeshadow helps to recontour the eyes and add emphasis to them. It is very important to choose a perfect eyeshadow color that matches your face, make up and dress.

How to Choose an Eye Shadow Color

  • Eyeshadow color should match the exact shade of the existing brow hair.
  • To create a tanned appearance, use golden brown and chestnut shades for your blush, eyeshadows, contour, and lipstick,
  • Do not, under any circumstances, apply a foundation or bronzer all over the face if it leaves a line of demarcation at the jaw or hairline.

Which Color Eyeshadow should I wear?

  • Always choose simple, natural shades. If you opt for bright or trendy colors, be careful; they can look unnatural unless balanced with other suitable tones, and may go out of style as fast as they came in.
  • Don't wear navy blue eyeshadow. Stick with neutrals, pinks and plums, or black, which look smoky. Navy tends to look "dirty."
  • Buy colors that blend well together. You want your eyes to attract the attention, not any marked lines caused by your shadow.
  • Don't wear eyeshadow applied as a smudge of black around the eye, unless your objective is to look like you are in a punk rock band.
  • Shop for those eyeshadow color shades that complement your skin and eye color. Look for colors that softly contrast with the shade of your eyes - not colors that match them exactly.
  • Don't wear really shiny eyeshadows.
  • Experiment. Head to a department store's cosmetic counter and have your eyes made up by a professional. Ask for color combinations that could work for day and evening.



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