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Best Mascara Your Eyelashes

Mascara is so polular and widely used makeup product, that it is the one thing we put on before answering the door or popping out to get the newspaper. Long, lush lashes are considered youthful and sexy, but I suspect the real reason we like mascara is the way it makes our eyes stand out without makeup.

Mascara is available in wide range of formulas; waterproof, lash-thickening, lash-lengthening, lash-curling, conditioning and even non flaking versions for contact lens wearers.

Although black, black-brown and brown are the most popular shades, mascara also comes in russet brown, aubergine, purple, royal blue, navy blue, green and other shades. When I was a teenager, my friends and I were addicted to coloured mascara. We spent hours trying on different colours, trying to decide which shades made green eyes brighter, brown eyes more gold or blue eyes seem icier. We liked our mascara as bright as possible, but today I prefer more natural tones.

Best mascara tips for that different look

After you apply your favourite black or brown shade of mascara, try adding a blue or green tone on top, to give a subtle hint of colour which make you look different and sexier.



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