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Buy Best Make Up Foundation Online - How to apply Foundation

Foundation can be applied with the fingers or with a make-up sponge - or both. Dot liquid foundation on your T-zone and using your fingers or a make-up sponge, blend the make-up out towards the hair line, cheeks and jaw line. If using a cream or wet-dry foundation, smooth a make-up-coated sponge along the T-zone and blend outwards.

If your foundation looks heavy or blotchy - regardless of whether it was applied with a finger or a sponge - run a make-up sponge across the skin to soak up any excess product.

How to apply foundation make up ?

  • First begin with clean hands and a clean face.
  • Now apply moisturizer appropriate to your skin type on the face.
  • Let the moisturizer set for a few minutes, remove the excess moisturizer with a tissue.
  • Camouflage under-eye circles and blemishes with concealer.
  • Select a foundation that is appropriate to your skin type. The color should match your skin, disappearing when blended well.
  • Shake the foundation bottle well to mix the formula.
  • Using a makeup sponge or the tips of your fingers, apply dots of foundation on your cheeks, chin, forehead and tip of the nose.
  • Using the sponge or your fingertips, blend the dots together on your face, gently blend in upward, outward motions and pay special attention to blending around the nose, mouth and jawline.
  • Set the foundation with loose powder immediately after application.

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