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Breast Pain

Our breasts work hard throughout our reproductive life, changing in shape, density and structure with fluctuations in hormone levels.

And all our adult life they are important as sources of sexual pleasure and symbols of femininity.

In this section we'll look at breast lumps, skin changes, swelling, pain and size as well as nipple itching and discharge, and breast cancer.

Breast Pain

Some women have cyclical pain with discomfort and, perhaps, lumpiness in both breasts before a period as part of benign breast changes but this usually disappears soon after bleeding begins.

Sometimes pain occurs on starting the Pill, when pregnant, around the menopause, from oversensitivity to normal hormone changes, on starting HRT or from fluid retention due to an oestrogen dominant hormone imbalance.
It can also result from oestrogen deficiency.

For any pain do the followings:

One study suggests that this can reduce pain significantly, possibly because a tight bra blocks the flow of blood and lymph in certain parts of the breast. Keep a diary of periods and pain, as cyclical pain suggests it is hormone-sensitive.

Try eating more foods rich in vitamin B (which sometimes eases breast pain), and selenium (as women with breast pain tend to be low on this mineral). Eat more foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and less of those rich in omega-6s. A good balance of these fatty acids aids healthy hormone balance. Reduce your total intake of fat, especially saturated. Avoid foods made with white flour and sugar, to counteract fluid retention.

Do regular 'whole-body' aerobic exercise to boost your general health, and arm exercises (such as swinging them round and round and up and down) to discourage any congestion in the breasts.

Causes of breast pain or tenderness

- oversensitivity to normal menstrual, pregnancy or menopausal hormone changes; HRT; benign breast changes; infrequent breastfeeding, a blocked milk duct, infected mastitis, or an abscess in a breastfeeding woman.

- oestrogen dominance, oestrogen deficiency.

- injury, duct ectasia, breast cancer.

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