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Breast Lumps

General breast lumpiness

One in three women sometimes has lumpy breasts, especially in the week or two before her period. Tenderness and pain may also occur. The lumps are usually similar in size and consistency and most likely to occur in each breast's upper outer quadrant ('quarter'). This is known as 'benign breast changes' or diffuse nodularity. Older names include benign breast disease, fibroadenosis, fibrocystic disease and chronic cystic mastitis.

Some women develop lumpiness when they take HRT The lumps are benign, but women with benign lumps can develop breast cancer and surveys suggest that they have one and a half times the average woman's risk. Researchers don't yet know whether taking the Pill encourages these lumps.

Cut down on coffee, tea, cola, cocoa and chocolate - in the week or so before a period, as their caffeine or other methylxanthines can aggravate lumpiness. If you notice you crave chocolate before a period, try cutting it out for a couple of months just in case it's encouraging lumpiness.

Be aware of how your breasts feel and look from day to day. This way you get to know what's normal for you and are more likely to recognize any unusual lump or other breast or nipple changes early on that need to be checked for cancer. Note the dates of your periods and the daily state of the lumpiness, to see if it changes with your menstrual cycle and is therefore hormone-sensitive.



Causes of breast lump

- benign breast changes, reactive hardening, blocked milk duct (when breastfeeding), single fibroadenoma or cyst, milk-duct papilloma

- duct ectasia

- lipoma, breast cancer

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