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Juniper is a native species of many northern countries and has a long history of medicinal use.

It has stimulant, tonic and antiseptic properties with beneficial effects on the skin and the digestive and reproductive organs.

It is used to relieve the symptoms of dermatitis, eczema, spots, and dry, sore and chafed skin.

Also, it is helpful in the relief of gout and painful rheumatoid arthritis.

It is beneficial in the treatment of stress and sleeplessness. In cases of debility, it helps by acting as a tonic for the digestion and boosting the appetite.

It can be used in massage, baths and inhalation, and is a useful treatment for cystitis, hemorrhoids (piles) and menstrual problems.

Juniper is also used in veterinary medicine and as an ingredient in some toiletries.


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