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Woman's Health - Guide to Natural Health and Beauty Salon

A site dedicated to woman, health and beauty.

Womens-Health-Beauty.com provides step-by-step instructions which are clear and easy to follow and also guides to adopt simple and practical tips which you can incorporate in your daily routine life.

Tip of the Day
Calcium is required for nuilding and maintaining healthy bones. Normally 400mg per day is required both for men and women. Women's need for calcium increases at many stages. Women using birth control pills are benefited in 2 ways, as the pill seems to increase the intestinal absorption of calcium and decreases its removal from bones.

This site covers every aspect of women's health and beauty from head to toe, and both inside and out. Beauty - looking good, feeling great and making the best of all your physical features and personality is an important part of improving every facet of women's life. This site deals with simple basic routine & habits that contribute to complete well-being - healthy exercises, relaxation techniques and diet.

Women's Health

It aims to let some light and air in on gynaecology so as to remove it from its 'shroud of mystery'. The site describes and explains any problems that might arise with your breasts, vagina, womb, ovaries, sex-hormone glands or other parts of reproductive system, and helps you choose a well balanced approach to treating each ailment.

Health and Beauty

The more time we spend looking at our bodies, the more we will begin to like them. And what better way to get to know your body than by spoiling and pampering it with beauty regimes? By spending a little time on body care every day you will not only create sense of total well-being but also, in some cases, improve your overall health. And let's face it, a healthy body is the most beautiful body of all. A complete skin care and step-by-step make up guide.

Here you will find lots of women's health and beauty aspects for the daily life. Hope you like this site!!

Women's Diseases:

Bartholin's gland
Sore, itchy vulva
Dry vagina
Bacterial vaginosis
Candida infection
Vulva cancer
Pelvic pain
Plevic inflammatory disease
Painful sex
Low sex drive
Chlamydia infection
Cervix cancer
Womb cancer
Ovarian Cysts
Gynae cancers
Oestrogen dominance
Anovulatory bleeding
Oestrogen deficiency
Braxton Hick Contractions
Breast Abscess
Period pain
Mid cycle pain
Heavy periods
Bulimia nervosa
Breech birth
Polycystic ovary syndrome
Ovary cancer
Hpv infection
Hepatitis b and c
Hiv infection and aids
Herpes infection
Hot flashes
Post menopausal vaginal bleeding
Early menopause
Leaking (incontinence)
Overweight and obesity
Irritable bowel syndrome
Ovarian Cysts

Skin Problems:

Atopic Dermatitis , Acne Treatment , Athlete's Foot , Blackheads , Bullous Pemphigoid , Chilblains, Chapped Lips , Dark Circles , Acrochordons, Fordyce's Condition , Granuloma Annulare , Hidradenitis Suppurativa , Hyperhidrosis , Herpes Simplex , Herpes Zoster , Impetigo, Intertrigo, Keratosis Pilaris , Keratoacanthoma , Keloids, Lichen Striatus , Lichen Sclerosus , Mastocytosis , Molluscum Contagiosum , Malignant Melanoma , Onychomycosis , Pruritis, Pityriasis Alba , Pityriasis Rosea , Pompholyx, Sunburn, Telogen Effluvium , Vulvodynia, Xerosis

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Q & A

  • Is there any other method of dyeing the hair apart from using henna?

          You can use this method. For natural hair dye, soak rusted iron nails in water in an iron container. Strain the water, make a paste with trifla powder and apply on scalp for 2 hours. Wash off with water and you will have shiny, black hair.

  • My elbows dark and rough. They look quite terrible. How can I lighten the colour of my elbows?
If your elbows have become dark and rough, apply groundnut oil mixed with lemon.
  • I have heard that clever application of foundation can cover many flaws. I have a heart shaped face. How should I use the foundation to make my face appear perfect?
    You should emphasize your chin. If the shape of the face is rather than triangular, apply a darker shade to the top of the forehead.

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